Pat Holland & Ian Ledward Art 2019 © Pat Holland and Ian Ledward

Last Update 14 October 2019

Ian Ledward - About me and my work

I have thought long and hard about how to describe what I do.  I cannot in fairness call my work paintings because I’m not a painter.  

Equally, I do not produce copies, print  runs or limited editions, so would not call myself a printer.  I am not a photographer either.

Paradoxically my work starts with a photograph, it is part printed and is painted too.  Sometimes I even use collage and collagraph techniques.  Mixed media fine graphics is maybe a good way to describe the images I produce.

Importantly, I’d like you to know, every piece I do is unique. If you do decide to buy from me, then I want  you to have a one off original picture and that is what you will get from me!

And I am able to maintain reasonable prices because of the way I work.

I use a camera and an iPad as my ‘sketch books’ so I am able to record ideas quickly and easily and use those ideas again and again when working on themes.  The fact that my computer is an essential part of my creative repertoire enables me to explore many avenues that are impossibly time-consuming and expensive done in a conventional way.

Working digitally until the very last stages means no little or no waste of time, tools or materials - my green credentials!  Also, I work in 5 main sizes using a classic narrow black frame and traditional mount that gives a clean finish to my style of work, so again, my framing costs are minimised and I am able to pass those savings on to you!

“The camera never lies but the direction you point it in determines the amount of truth it tells.”