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Pat Holland & Ian Ledward Art

Last Update 14 October 2019

2019 © Pat Holland and Ian Ledward

The idea for these originated from you the customer challenged by the two fundamental issues of the art collector - you eventually run out of space or money - possibly both!

In answer to these problems I came up with the ‘Mini Masters’ which are produced in exactly the same way as all my work but in miniature!

In the frame they are only 25 cm square -with the actual image 8cm x 8cm.

I think you’ll agree that the detail is exquisite and the price is amazing - framed at £45 each or £30 if you’re really cheapskate and want it without the frame! You’ll even get the mount thrown in for that too.

(Any discount does not apply here - come on now, be reasonable!)

Mini Masters including pictures of Brugge,  Lindisfarne, Western Isles, Orkney, Norwegian Arctic and Fife!

Original art that everyone can afford!

The newest of this very popular format!